Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It is time...

Good Morning and Salaam and Peace to you all,
I hope you are all well and in good health. I have put this off for a while now. I believe it is time for me to take a break, a long one. I may not know if I will be coming back, and if I do, I may not know when.

Why? You might ask. The main reason is because I need to exist out there, more than here and really merge with this world. It takes time and effort to devote to the blog but that is just not there anymore. Personally, I wish to excel in all areas in my life. Work, spiritual, social, health, family, there is just so much that I think about doing yet I could not. You might say that blogging does not take too much time, but in truth it does. Time is a rare commodity. Especially with all the new activities that come along. Blogging had not existed earlier, and now it does, meaning you'd had to replace something you used to do before with blogging. For some that may be convenient, and for others it uses up free time.

The way I see it, activities like blogging will always be introduced, each with a new powerful emphasis that will attract people and those who will be willing to go ahead into that field will, and those who will not, wont. To each, his own.

For now, I bid you all farewell, and pray you all follow a righteous path. And until we meet again...

Wishing you the best,

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Few Words...

Warning: The following post contains flaming and angry comments, continue only if you dare. I'm not responsible for any repercussions that may occur after you finish reading this sentence.

I was thinking yesterday as I cruised down route 66, (or should I call it kha6 bneider). A thought came to me, one which I have always wanted to explain, and yesterday it was all clear.

Why do people expect so much from those around them, and yet they themselves do not comply with their own philosophy. I know some people, and I am sure you know some too, who always complain about what is around them, and yet they themselves have many faults. Everyone has faults, but when people say they want to do what they want, and then ask how dare a person do such things should be considered ill. You cannot expect people to do as you like, and be the way you want them to be, if you are not doing and being what they want you to be.

This came to me as I was thinking about those Radicals, Islamists AND liberals! Both are on the extreme, and both want the other to do what they want and expect the other to just DO IT. Why would you start complaining about those who have long beards and make fun of them? Just because they practice their faith, and have short dishdashas? Does it bother you so much Mr liberal? Does it bother you when someone devoted starts speaking in a loud voice,"

The rest got erased due to a technical fault, I'll continue writing what I can.

Yeah, I'm ticked off. I'm tired of seeing those people, on both ends doing these things. Ya jema3a, religion is a middle way, it is also a straight middle way not a crooked path. May Allah guide us all on the righteous path to Jannah.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not Much...

...has been going on. I've been working most of the time, also trying to figure out a way to earn extra income. In this day and age, a single starting job hardly has a stable salary that would ensure a secure future. Young people have to take out loans at an early age to pay for their needs, especially if they are getting marries once they start working. Not to mention, applying for a home after marriage, and providing enough for a family. The way I see it its depressing, but I am hopeful that one day the current situation might change.

Recycle Update
Nothing yet. I haven't called them since the other day, I'm sort of slacking off right now. However our company just recently (around Saturday) started deploying recycle bins for paper at every office. Only seconds later I looked in to find someone had thrown a banana peel. I walked by yesterday (or the day before I can not be sure) and I found someone had thrown their whole lunch box. Is it hopeless or what? I'll do what I can on my part, just yesterday I disposed of nearly 50 pages in the recycle bin.

Until further notice, have a great weekend,

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Good Evening,
Salaam everyone, and let me begin by saying what a wonderful crowd you all are! Now - to business. I've managed to set up my lan crisp and clean. I'll explain everything as much as I can but I might be missing a few things.

First off, let me explain the basic setup, The hardware:

  • One WAG54G Linksys ADSL Gateway (support for cable and wireless connections).

  • One Airport Express Base Station.

  • Three laptops (One Powerbook G4, One Gateway, One Toshiba).

  • One Printer an HP PSC 950

It seems pretty simple and it is! The Linksys Gateway is the first item to be connected to the phone jack for DSL service. Then, a cable run from the Linksys Gateway to the Airport Express Station in another location. So, I'd be able to connect to either the Airport Station or the Linksys Gateway wirelessly with any laptop. However, I had some problems with the printer. Since my setup was DHCP, the IPs were automatically assigned BY the Linksys Gateway to the Airport Station where the printer was connected via USB. Setting up the printer on the Pentium laptops was a problem since the IP had to be static. This is what I did...

After searching online, I checked the range of the DHCP IPs on the Linksys Gateway setup, They seemed to start from so I manually configured the Airport Express Station to a STATIC IP address outside of that range, like Then I had a problem that when I connect wirelessly through the airport station I couldn't access the net. So I logged into the Airport station and changed the Setting of the Airport DHCP to - instead of the standard Airport 10.0.x.x class.

It all works now!
El7amd'Li'Allah! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Yes, it was a painful experience. I woke up to the feeling of my leg cramping up and it seems the pressure [my] expanding uterus puts on the blood vessels that return blood from [my] legs to [my] heart and the nerves leading from [my] trunk to [my] legs. According to this article i'm pregnant in my second trimeste. :) Luckily i'm glad i found that website, entitled "Sleep problem: Leg cramps waking you up at night" which i reached instantly through my laptop next to my bed, When i entered "What to do when the leg cramps up" through google's search engine.

Al7amdfu'Li'Allah!!! I had my laptop next to my bed in sleep mode which was a life saver. I started wondering if i should call anyone before it happened. But i found these magnificent instructions:
If you do get a cramp, immediately stretch your calf muscles: Straighten your leg, heel first, and gently flex your toes back toward your shins. It might hurt at first, but it will ease the spasm and the pain will gradually go away. You can relax the cramp by massaging the muscle or warming it with a hot-water bottle. Walking around for a few minutes may help, too.
from that website.

Excuse me for not staying long, its 4:40am, just about enough time to get ready for Fajr prayer.

- Have a nice day.

for more information on Leg Cramps:
The Analyst - Internet Health Report: Condition: Leg Cramps At Night
NIGHT-TIME LEG CRAMPS - Just read all the side effects of the drug: Quinine on that site, isn't that just too scary?
MedlinePlus Drug Information: Quinine - More information about Quinine.
Leg Cramp | Charley Horse | Muscle Cramp - from

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Environment Update 2

Good Morning,
A'salaam Alikom brothers and sisters :) I hope you're all well and in good health. I have a few updates I would like to mention regarding the special Quest I have taken upon myself.

After a long week, I have managed to find a few recycle bins, thanks to samboose for letting me know at which Co-op they were at. It was not easy finding them! I haven't been to Dasma in ages, (maybe never), so when I got there the roads were confusing and unpredictable. I saw a sign that said "Al-Dasma and Bnaid AlQaar Co-op". As any traveler would do, I followed the signs, which led me to a BK, a Pizza Hut, and a tiny store. I did not want to believe that this was all there was!

I went into Pizza Hut and asked the man working there if this was the co-op, he said yes, so I asked him about the recycle bins. He said it was at Dasma One (Which sounded like Dasman). So just in case I heard wrong I asked him to show me the way, he said when the driver comes he'll explain it. We waited for 5 minutes (Alhamdu L-Allah!). The driver came and I asked him, he said he did not know, so I asked him again, did he mean Dasma One or Dasman, he said Dasma block one. I said thank you, and asked for directions to block one! I wasn't planning to get lost again!

After driving for 5 minutes around Dasma's confusing and winding streets, I managed to reach the Original "big" Dasma Co-op.

I found them, take a look here.

Paper Recycling

Plastic Recycling

Glass Recycling

Triple Recycling

As you can see my fellow friends, that the company is a baladiya contract. I tried calling them to get more information, but no one knew what I was talking about. What was great though was when I called yesterday, no one answered, but I had a good time listening to the football match through the phone! You can listen to what that sounded like. Innovative and interesting to have the radio as a ringing signal.

Progress is slow, but there is insha'Allah progress. I'm going to try to get in touch with them again. The last guy I talked to asked me to come in person to SABHAN! Well, we'll see what happens.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Environment Update

Salaam and Good afternoon,
I should have posted this yesterday but I didn't because I was a little caught up with other things. However, much has happened over the past few days but not enough! First and foremost, I have been asking around trying to find those who work at the Kuwait Environment Protection Society, but I couldn't find any so far. BUT the good thing is that I went to the EPA (Environmental Public Authority).

It was not too hard to find them, they're in the same building as the Shuwaikh Port is in (I think that is what its called in English). When I asked the man working on the parking exit register, he said they're on the 2nd to the 6th floor. When I went inside, I asked, and realized they were on the first floor! Okay, good thing it was the right building. (Al Hamdu Li-llah!).

Upon arriving on the first floor I stumbled upon two men sitting at a desk talking friendly. I went up to them and asked them if they had information regarding the Authority and if they knew anything about Greenline and the Kuwait Environment Protection Society. They had a lot of information and were extremely helpful. I also got the man's business card and a bag full of publications by the Authority! I also later found out the man I was speaking to was the Head of Public Relations. He said if I needed to ask anything to just ask. I was very impressed.

I'll be trying to get in contact with Greenline as well as the KEPS* to find out more information, and if there is any collaboration between them.

Upon arrival of new information (the society's website) I will be exploring a little bit more before getting in touch with them. I will probably try to get more information about recycling as well. (That was the original quest!)

Note: I was looking for the correct translation of the Arabic name for the society, and I found their website just minutes ago. I've just gone back through the post and updated the links.